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WTGPA Overview

Our Mission:

The mission of the West Texas Growers and Producers Association is to unite local produce growers and food producers from around West Texas, with the idea that we are all committed to offering good tasting, high quality, healthy local foods and products through honest, hardworking means that strengthen our industry, educate our community, feed our customers and expand each member's ability to grow, prosper and succeed for the benefit of members and consumers alike. We want to thrive on our unique local tastes, varieties, approaches with love and compassion and deep pride from our farms to everyone's tables and home.

Longterm Goals:

  • Organize for representation at non WTGPA markets
  • Create multiple marketing and revenue streams for the entire membership
  • Develop new members and identify opportunities for membership.
  • Educate community on benefits of local foods and supporting local business
  • Teach farmers conservation skills, and business practices to grow and enrich

The WTGPA is a body of farmers, producers, restaurateurs, mobile vendors, businesses and consumers aligned with the idea that West Texas is a great place to raise and grow, live and thrive, as well as, work and play.

The WTGPA is a membership body that will organize farmer's markets around West Texas, concentrate marketing efforts for the benefit of it's members with restaurants, local caterers, supermarkets (where applicable), food trucks and the general public, while improving education of the community and its own membership. The WTGPA is working to connect producers and growers with markets and opportunities that they can't reach by themselves, but cooperatively will be able to supply and support a larger market, craft policies that benefit the membership and coordinate and negotiate for the greater good of the association membership.

Membership in the WTGPA gives you access to all aspects of the services we provide and intend to provide. From our Farmer's Markets, to our Buyer's Program, to the cooperative meetings with local organizations and businesses to further our markets, abilities and knowledge, your membership is intended to support West Texas agriculture and the slow food and local food industry.

We hope you'll become a member, to participate in some, or all of the programs we offer, now and in the future.

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