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Welcome to the WTGPA, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit support and information organization for West Texas produce farmers and local food producers.


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The WTGPA is more than just a group of farmers, and we have plans to do more for the community, the slow foods industry and educating both new farmers and experienced eaters.
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WE ARE FARMERS... Representing Farmers (and Food Vendors)
The WTGPA represents farmers, because we are farmers! And as farmers, we know time, money and energy are precious, and we are here to make life easier on our members.

The West Texas Growers and Producers Association (WTGPA) is a group of local produce growers, meat/dairy/egg/honey producers, restaurants, food truck owners, caterers and consumers coming together to grow the local slow food industry in the Lubbock and West Texas area.

The WTGPA establishes area certified farmer's markets, grower and producer marketing opportunities to both consumers and food industry professionals, educational opportunities for consumers, students and the WTGPA membership, as well as supports growth and opportunity for established and new farms and farmers in the Lubbock and West Texas area.

The WTGPA works with local organizations like the Texas A&M Agri-life Extension Services office to conduct research and development to enhance the practices, resources and knowledge of the industry, as well as to build a stronger food and service industry for the general public. The WTGPA is also a proud member of the GoTexan network and proud to be affiliated with many local organizations that support local business and agriculture.

The WTGPA is a membership based organization, founded in 2015 and upon operations review/certification, open to any farmer, producer or food service entity within a 100 mile radius of Lubbock, or that serves the Lubbock area through farmers markets, restaurant and/or direct sales.  To find out more about membership in the WTGPA, please click here.

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